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Ryder Last Mile

Meeting today’s demand efficiently requires flexible last mile delivery. Our four tiers of service let you customize big and bulky deliveries, so you can fulfill your customer orders cost effectively.


Over 95% of U.S. & Canada served within 2 days

Home Delivery with 4 tiers of service

100% real-time visibility and tracking

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Ryder Last Mile Tiers of Service

Tier 1

Over the Threshold

Tier 1
  • Customer scheduling of delivery via text, e-mail, or phone with RyderView Technology
  • Real-time order tracking with RyderView
  • Convenient 2-hr delivery window
  • Automated call-ahead notification to customer 30 minutes prior to delivery
  • Two-man delivery teams
  • Convenient pick-up and repackaging of customer returns

Tier 2

Room of Choice

Tier 2

Room of Choice Includes:
Over the Threshold Plus

  • Item placement in any room of the house as instructed by the customer

Tier 3

White Glove

Tier 3

White Glove Delivery Includes
Over the Threshold and Room of Choice Plus:

  • Unboxing /removal of packaging in home
  • Assembly in home (as needed)
  • Hookup/install (appliances)
  • Haul away services

Tier 4

Deluxe Service

Tier 4

Deluxe Service Includes
Over the Threshold, Room of Choice, and White Glove Plus:

  • Pre-delivery inspection, preparation, and assembly at Ryder hub to ensure successful delivery of undamaged goods

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Last Mile Execution by RyderView?

Through RyderView™, we become an extension of your business, creating an optimized last mile experience that results in repeat business. By leveraging RyderView, we provide highly efficient last mile delivery and an optimized customer experience. Developed for big and bulky last mile use, RyderView features real-time order tracking, customer self-scheduling, automated status updates, electronic proof of undamaged delivery, and more.

Customer Contact - Once we receive confirmation of an order, our process driven management system prompts our central scheduling team to contact the customer and schedule the delivery at their convenience. Shipment Tracking: while the product is being routed from pickup to last mile, tracking of the driver and the truck are available and provides near real-time status updates and visibility on route progress to the customer. Call before arrival: 24 hours prior to the delivery, our scheduling team will call the customer to confirm the date, delivery details and provide a specific two hour time window the customer can expect the delivery. Delivery: Our professional delivery staff ensures the last mile delivery (and in some cases installation) of the products i seamless - resulting in a positive customer experience that brings satisfaction. Follow-up survey: After the delivery is made, our system offers an automated customized post delivery survey. During the automated survey call, if any issues are identified with the customer experience the customer can select an option to speak immediately with a customer service team member.

Learn More About Our Last Mile Solution

Have a Ryder Expert contact you to find out how we can help your business. Ryder Last Mile is for businesses shipping parcel or big & bulky products to customers, or want to provide customers with white glove service. Ryder Last Mile is not for single shipment items.

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